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EPI's Phase 1 Strength & Conditioning Certification is the first Phase of the National Certificate in Strength & Conditioning (NCSC) qualification. The NCSC Course is based on the best evidence based practice and over 15 years experience working with athletes from all levels. Established in 2012, the NCSC Course has been educating coaches, trainers and healthcare practitoners from around the world and has become the proven course for those looking to become a certified Strength & Conditioning coach.

Many coaches coming on this course are qualified PT's, physiotherapists or sports coaches. However, they don't have the specific training in sports performance. Our goal is to give coaches the underpinning knowledge and practical coaching skills to help improve your athlete or teams level of performance. We'll show you how to make them stronger, faster, fitter and more robust to injury. The NCSC Course focuses on our four pillars: Movement, Strength, Fitness and Recovery. With our 8-step-approach training system, use of technical and coaching models for movement skill development, course participants can seemlessly apply our content into their coaching environment.

The Phase 1 Strength & Conditioning Certification contains more than more than 8 hours of video content with 12 modules and 6 detailed presentations. Each presentation emphasizes a theoretical framework, a program design framework, and best practices around coaching. There is also additional reading material contained in your electronic manuals to support your lecture content. Each practical is filmed from a coach’s perspective and emphasizes key coaching points, demonstration skills, cueing, progressions and regressions.

The Phase 1 Strength & Conditioning Certification has been designed to optimize your learning experience and allow for clarity across all key topics in Strength & Conditioning. You will receive an inside look at EPI's training system, fitness testing protocols, movement screening, acceleration speed, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, multi-directional speed, ESD, program design and periodization.

Upon completion of all course modules, your Phase 1 Strength & Conditioning Certification will be made available for printing.

Available Course Credits

ACE 2.10
NASM 1.90

Learning Objectives

1. Learn the 8 step approach to the EPI Training System

2. Identify the standardized battery of fitness tests used for assessing various components of fitness

3. Outline the Movement Compensation Screen (MCS) to assess good movers vs bad movers

4. Identify EPI technical models for acceleration speed, COD and Olympic weightlifting

5. Identify EPI coaching models we use for developing acceleration speed, COD and Olympic weightlifting

6. Understand EPI program design system to develop various strength and power qualities

7. Learn about the linear periodization model and how EPI apply this to planning for athletic development

Course Procedure

  1. Enroll in the course
  2. Read and sign course waiver
  3. View the course modules
  4. Download course handouts
  5. Download Phase 1 manual
  6. Print your Phase 1 Strength & Conditioning Certificate

Course Content

Course Waiver and Materials Disclaimer
Phase 1: Course Introduction
Phase 1: EPI Training System
Phase 1: Fitness Testing
Phase 1: Movement Compensation Screen (MCS)
Phase 1: Acceleration Speed
Phase 1: Multidirectional Speed
Phase 1: Olympic Weightlifting
Phase 1: Program Design
Phase 1: Plyometrics
Phase 1: Energy System Development (ESD)
Phase 1: Linear Periodization
Phase 1: Course Manual
Phase 1: Strength & Conditioning Certification

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